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Who is the ultimate Halo Foe?

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Elites vs Brutes Empty Elites vs Brutes

Post by B1acki3 on Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:21 am

One thing that changed over the course of the first three Halo games was the shift in Covenant enemies from Elites to Brutes. While the Brutes were improved a bit with Halo 3, it's hard (at least for me) not to occasionally think about what might have been. In my opinion Halo 1's Elites were the consummate videogame foe.

Elites would use cover to regenerate their shields, they worked together in groups, you could play some of the levels a hundred times and never have it play out quite the same twice. They were bastards, but they were worthy opponents and they were effing hilarious to stick with plasmas. Throw in that you could also, not just run-n-gun, but use stealth to take them out while they patrolled and you have one hell of a foe.

Brutes, on the other hand, stand in a group of grunts and shoot grenades or spikers until they lose their armor and then they charge you till they die. Whoop-d-f'ing-do. Okay, occasionally they'll throw down a bubble-shield for cover too. Sheer genius.

So my question to you is, who did you find to be the more worthy opponent?

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Elites vs Brutes Empty Re: Elites vs Brutes

Post by shabenya on Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:06 pm

elites own brutes in anything. whether it's the weapons they use, their allies, or how smart they are.
elites will win.
they even look cooler...
2 stars is BEAST =D
2 stars is BEAST =D

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